Monday, December 17, 2007

My Marchelle Turned 9 Months

Masheng celebrated her 9th month last Sunday, December 16, 2007. Three more months togo before she turns one. Feeling ko kinakapos na ako ng oras kasi wala pa akong nagagawang preps for her 1st birthday. Nagka canvass pa lang kasi ako at nag-i inquire sa mga suppliers. Anyway, I decided to have Precious Moments as a theme. 'Yun nga lang mukhang mahihirapan akong humanap ng goodies and give aways since it's not that common. Masyado namang mahal 'yung mga original PM stuffs. But 'yun na talaga ang gusto kong theme for my baby... well, I'll start organizing everything in January.

Anyway, Masheng is growing really fast. She acquired new tricks during the past month. She now knows to wave goodbye (unlike before na tinataas nya lang 'yung arms nya...). At sobrang likot na rin nya. She now pulls herself to stand kaya mas nakakatakot nang 'di mabantayang mabuti. I think she's about to learn to cruise and maybe in a few more weeks, she would take her very first steps. Actually we've been training her to walk; aside from letting her use her walker, we usually lead her to take small steps while holding onto us.

Mahilig na 'ding mag-aabot nang kung anu ano! In short, mahili nang magkalat! (she's always curious about so many things). She crawls really fast at nagpapahabol pa! She can also express her wants/likes and dislikes through her gestures and actions. Malakas na ring kumain ng rice and veggies. She's even more fonder of lights (lalo na ngayong Xmas season, lagi nang nagkakandahaba ang nguso sa katuturo sa bawat Xmas lights na makikita nya).

One thing na nakakatuwa about her is, 'yung fondness nya sa babies and kids. Whenever she sees a baby, she will just give her sweetest smile and she'll try to reach and hug him/her. Everytime naman na nakakakita siya ng mga kids na naglalaro sa street namin, eh, ngingisi rin siya na para bang nagsasabing, "Can I join you, guys?" She's very malambing. Basta feel nya ang isang tao, kahit pa stranger, eh, i-ha hug nya talaga ito nang mahigpit. Kahit nga 'yung mga "anak" nya (her dolls and stufftoys) eh, kina-cudle din nya. Though she can still be very snob 'pag bagong gising at wala sa mood.

Haay, ang sarap pala talagang maging mommy! I won't really get tired of documenting all her milestones and develoments and writting a lot of journals about her!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Sleeping While Sitting Down

Marchelle really loves to play! There are times that she refuses to rest and to relax no mater how sleepy she is! She usually drains her energy and exhaust herself first before dozing off. That's why most of the time, she would just fall asleep even when she's on a sitting position (which we find cute though very uncomfy!). I don't know if I should be bothered. Of course, I'm 100% sure that my baby is very normal. It's just that some kids that I know are not as active as my little girl. Tatlo daw kasi ang 'puyo' kaya sobrang likot! Here are some of her pics ...
"Napagod sa kakalaro."
"Mas trip nya ang ganitong position."
"At nakanganga pa!" :)
"Bagsak ang baby!"

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Marchelle Cuts Her First Tooth

A few days ago, my aunt and my sister told me that my Masheng is already having her very first tooth! I was really excited to see it, but to my dismay, she didn't want to open her mouth when we asked her to do so, for us to be able to take a look. So, just like what they did, I gently twiddled my fingers trough her gums and felt her first little tooth. Though this morning, I was quite lucky because I was able to take a peek into her mouth. She was laughing and smilling widely while playing with her Papa so I was able to see her very first chopper. It's indeed true that seeing or feeling your baby's first pearly white is always a delight and a nice surprise! I was even wanting to take a picture of it but I finally decided to just do it during her sleep later ... less struggling, more pictures!! :)

Sunday, December 2, 2007

More Xmas Decors!

We spent the weekend putting up all the remaining decors that we have at home. It's kinda late since we usually decorate our house 2 months before Christmas Day. We've all been busy kasi so we barely find time to do it. At least, natapos rin! I can now say, na Pasko na talaga sa house! I'm so exited for this year's Yuletide season because it's my baby's first! Ngayon ko lang ulit na feel 'yung same excitement na napi feel ko every Christmas season nung bata pa ako! I'm so excited for my baby! For sure she will receive tons of gifts this Xmas. Excited din akong mamili ng gifts for her and for my loved ones of course! Advance Merry Christmas to all!!!

hubby putting up more decors

"Anong ginagawa mo dyan, Papa?"

Nakikigulo ang bata!

pretty with Ponsettia

"Nangangati na po ako!"

It's Christmas Time!

Merry Xmas Michi!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

I'm 25 Now!!!

I celebrated my 25th birthday yesterday! Can't believe than I'm a year older again! I just had a simple celebration at home with some friends (kahit may mga nang indyan dyan! hehe!) and with my family of course. Joms rented a videoke machine and everybody had fun! Thanks to all those peeps who made my birthday special. Kita kits ulit next year!

with my pretty mom and my videoke queen ...

with my family and relatives

with my colleagues

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Marchelle's Hairless No More

Weee! Marchelle got a longer hair! (Fake nga lang, wehehe...)

Last Saturday, I went to 168 mall just to find some cute headbands for my baby. But unfortunately, they don't have much baby stuff and accessories there. So I ended up buying a bonnet (cap) with a wig. I just thought that my baby would really look cute while wearing it so I bought it despite its big size. I tried it on her right after going home, and as expected, everybody was so amused and delighted upon seeing it on her ... But Marchelle wasn't pleased and happy about it! She got annoyed and irritated when we put it on her and she didn't really want to flaunt it. She got interested in tasting and eating it, though...

Here are some of her pictures wearing her new crowning glory...

"My new hair tastes good! Yum Yum!"

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Anti Rabies for My Babies

This morning, Hubby Jomski woke me up and asked, "Makakagising ka ba ng maaga ngayon?" I asked why. He told me na may libre daw na anti-rabies shots for dogs sa kabilang baranggay. He didn't say it twice. Mabilis pa sa alas kwatro ako tumayo, nabihis at naghilamos (wala nang toothbrush-toothbrush, hehe) para umabot sa project na 'yun (tampo nga asawa ko, kasi 'pag ginigising daw nya ako, naiinis ako sa kaya, pero 'pag dating sa mga aso ko, 'di nya ko kailangang kulitin pa!). Itinali ko agad 'yung isa kong baby (Michi), then we head to the said place para mabakunahan siya. It wasn't that easy to bring him there since hindi siya sanay na nakatali at 'di rin siya sanay sa maraming tao at mga sasakyan so ayun, nagwala ang loko. That's why I had to carry him until we reached the place. After him, 'yung isa ko namang baby ang dinala namin (Hana). It was worse dahil mas malaki si Babby Hana, as in dadalhin ka talaga nya kapag hawak mo 'yung leash nya. Buti na lang, my uncle was there para siya naman ang bumuhat kasi hindi ko talaga siya kakayaning buhatin sa sobrang taba at bigat nya, no? (asong baboy nga daw, hehe!). Mahirap pa naman 'pag 'yun ang nakawala kasi galit 'yun sa ibang aso. But at least, after all the struggling, eh, nabakunahan din naman siya. Well, timing na timing lang, kasi I was actually planning to bring them tomorrow to a nearby vet (na nagsara na pala). At least, 'di ba, naka save ako ng money? But dadalhin ko pa rin si Hana since kailangan nyang magpa pedicure kasi ang haba na ng kuko nya! Hindi naman namin kayang gupitan kasi ayaw ayaw nyang hinahawakan ang mga nails nya... Hay, ang hirap din ng may doggies, kasi para 'din silang mga babies na kailangan ng love and care. Pero ok lang, sulit naman, eh!

This is our baby boy Michi ...

Our darling girl, Hana...

My Marchelle Turns 8 Months Today!

My little girl is already 8 months old! Grabe, 4 months to go at may todller na ako! Huhuhu, parang ayoko na nga siyang lumaki, eh! Gusto ko forever baby na lang siya! But of course, sa ayaw at gusto ko eh, lalaki at lalaki ang little angel ko. That's why, I never get tired of taking a lot of her videos and pictures and keeping her memoirs para ma preserve ko forever 'yung memories nya as my precious baby. Hay, 4 months to go at magb-birthday na si Baby March. I'm thinking so much about her party already (theme, venue, costumes, souvenirs or give aways, guests, food etc...hay, kaloka!). Feeling ko kasi, I'm already running out of time! 'Di ko pa kasi maasikaso since I'm also working. Ayoko rin namang iasa lang sa mga party organizers since gusto ko sana eh, ako ang mag plan ng lahat. Of course, I want it to be something special kahit hindi ganun ka-engrande since it's my baby's first birthday. Sabi nga ni hubby Jomski, maaga pa daw para problemahin ko 'yun. Ang mga guys talaga!

Anyway, nagca-canvass na rin ako for the supplies (suggestions naman po dyan... hihihi!). Iniisip ko pa kung anong theme ang maganda (I have so many in my mind: Barnie, Disney Princess, Disney Characters, Minnie, fairies, doggie theme... hay!). I'm also thinking about the best location. Gusto ko sana sa house na lang kaso maliit ang place namin, eh! As much as possible, gusto ko sana eh, dun sa place na mag-e enjoy 'yung mga kids. 'Yung ibang stuff, eh, 'di ko muna iniisip since madali na 'yun 'pag my venue at theme na ako. Hay, 'di bale, I have my hub naman to help me with everything.

By the way, now that my baby's already 8 months old, eh, we're looking forward to teaching her new cutie tricks. As of now, alam na nya 'yung "Where's the light?"; "Clap your hands!"; "Dance, Dance!" (basta sinabi mo 'yung word na dance at basta marinig nya 'yung mga favorite nyang dancing music, eh, tatalbog talbog na 'yun with matching pacute face); "Love Mama, Papa or the bear" (eto 'yung trick nya na iha-hug nya nang mahigpit ang kahit sinong sabihin mong "'i-love" nya); "Smile!" (alam na alam na nyang mag smile at magpa cute sa camera); etc... She also now crawls very fast (ang hirap na ngang habulin, pano pa kaya 'pag naglalakad na? whew!) and she now tries to stand while holding onto something. Masyado na ngang malikot at mahilig magkakalikot ng kung anu anong bagay. She babbles a lot of baby words and even hums as if she already wants to sing. She appreciates the tv more (especially the commercials and the cartoons, basta kahit anong colorful at may playful sounds na mapanood nya sa tv) and she also now appreciates big and colorful toys more (kaya masarap nang dalhin sa Toy Kingdom!). Hindi na rin siya masyadong nangingilala at nagpapakitang gilas na rin minsan even in front of a lot of strangers. Medyo "makulit" na rin pero syempre she doesn't understand things pa naman kaya ok lang at cute pa tingnan. Humahabol na rin siya sa amin ni Hubby Jomski kapag umaalis kami kaya ang hirap na ring iwanan minsan (kaya tuloy naiisipan kong magresign. I wanna be with my baby 24/7, huhuhu!). O nga pala, medyo nagkaka hair na rin ang baby ko (For sure, mami-miss ko ang ulo nyang kalbo!). Hay, the joys of being a mom! There are more things to say, kaso ang haba na neto! (hehe). (For her first videos on her 8th month, click here and here.):::

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Ang Mag-tatay na Kalbo

Joms had a new hair cut this weekend. Matagal tagal ko na rin siyang kinukulit na magpagupit dahil ako ang naiinitan sa buhok nya. Hindi ko naman akalain na seseryosohin pala nya ang pagpapakalbo. Pero ok na rin, at least presko tingnan! At saka pareho na sila ng anak nya (actually, mas makapal pa nga ng konti ang buhok ni Masheng sa kanya ngayon...).

Nakakatuwa kasi parang di siya agad nakilala ni Masheng nung una siya nitong makita right after having his haircut. As in tinitigan lang siya nito na parang takang taka ... But of course later on, nasanay rin siya sa ulo ng Papa nya ...

Hay, gustong gusto ko na ring magpagupit, kaso 'di ko pa rin alam kung anong style ang ipapagawa ko ... Kung pwede lang na magpakalbo din ako, no (para 3 itlog na kami, hehehe!).

Before: Tuwang tuwa si Masheng sa pagsabunot sa Papa nya...

After: "Wala nang masabunutan pero enjoy pa rin siya maglaro sa ulo ni Papa..."

Monday, November 5, 2007

Masheng Eating Fries

"Big girl" na ang baby ko. Behave lang sa high chair while eating ice cream and fries (basta may food, behave siya, hehehe). Check out the video here.

"Masarap kaya 'to?"

"Matikman na nga!"

"Hmmm, sarap nga!"

"Where's the Light?"

Since Halloween is over, Joms and I decided to start adorning our home with Christmas decors. We set up the tree first (which we bought 2 years ago), and put some decors and lights. We also decorated our door with pink garlands and a big red Christmas sock (together with Masheng's cute little sock) which will be filled with candies for my girl on her very first Christmas celebration...

Our baby was so amazed with the Christmas lights. She's always been fascinated with colorful lights. Maybe that's the reason why her very first trick has something to do with, of course, the light. Just ask her where the light is (or where the lights are) and she'll obediently look up with pouting lips as if pointing at its direction... She's even cuter and more adorable whenever she does that! That's why we never get tired of asking her the magic question, "Where's the light, baby?" And now that we have more colorful lights at home, Masheng will surely enjoy pouting her lips more ...

Of course, as a mom, I'm so proud now that my little girl starts learning things. Im looking forward to teaching her more tricks and sharing it with you, guys! Check out the video here.

Friday, November 2, 2007

All Saint's Day 2007

My family, relatives and I went to Loyola Memorial Park in Marikina yesterday to visit our loved ones' tomb (my granda ma and grand pa's). It's been 2 (or three years) since I last went there. I wasn't able to go there last year since I was pregnant with Masheng then. Ang bilis ng panahon! Ngayon, kasama na namin si Masheng sa pagdalaw sa puntod ng kanyang great grandparents. As usual, happy na naman ang anak ko dahil nakalakwatsa na naman kahit mainit (dahil tanghaling tapat kami umalis, tsk! Filipino time nga naman... walang nangyarisa usapan namin namin na madalaing araw aalis) at kahit pa nag commute lang kami. It was her first time to to go to a memorial park. Finally, 'naipakilala' rin namin siya sa lola at lolo ko (na kamukha nya, hehehe). Well, para lang kaming nag picnic. Masaya kasi ang dami namin, eh! Kainan, laro ng Binggo (sila lang, 'di ako marunong eh!), libot-libot (ang daming tao!) at syempre, picture taking! (mawawala ba 'yun eh kasama ako?, hehe). Pero syempre,hindi mawawala 'yung pag alala sa mga loved ones namin which shows the real meaning of the occassion. Here are some of our pics taken yesterday.

Ready na ang bata ...

eating time!!! (busy sila lahat, pero ako pose pa rin!)

mga busog na ...

finally meeting "daddy buds" (her kamukha)...

"Taas pa, Papa!

"Tulog muna tayo baby..."

si Papa (my dad) lang ang wala...

beauty pageant?

"Waah, ang kati ng grass!"

One last shot bago umuwi ...

on our way home ...

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Masheng's First Trick/Holloween Party

Masheng's First Trick or Treat/Holloween Party

We just had our own Holloween party here at our working place. I was sooo excited for my baby since it's her very first costume party experience! (That's why, we had prepared a month before the event.). She was wearing a beautiful pink fairy costume and she looked so adorable in it! Almost everybody was saying, "Aaaaw!", "So cute!", "Adorable!" etc ... which made me really really proud! I think I'm starting to be a real stage mom (I guess, I got it from my own mom!).

By the way, I wore a witch's costume. I was really having a hard time chosing what to wear. I've been wanting to wear an angel or a fairy costume (actually I really wanted to impersonate Cleopatra), but since I'm too busy I didn't get enough time to prepare those. So I ended up wearing a simple back dress and witch's hat (with matching make up of course!). But even I didn't get that best costume award, the party was still indeed a blast! At least, my baby received an award for being the best in modelling and for having the best costume. (More pictures here .)

my cute li'l fairy...

mommy witch and baby fairy...

Cimg1089papa devil, baby fairy, mama witch


trick or treat!

Cimg1082 Cimg1084the kids ...


"nagutom ang fairy..."