Thursday, December 6, 2007

Marchelle Cuts Her First Tooth

A few days ago, my aunt and my sister told me that my Masheng is already having her very first tooth! I was really excited to see it, but to my dismay, she didn't want to open her mouth when we asked her to do so, for us to be able to take a look. So, just like what they did, I gently twiddled my fingers trough her gums and felt her first little tooth. Though this morning, I was quite lucky because I was able to take a peek into her mouth. She was laughing and smilling widely while playing with her Papa so I was able to see her very first chopper. It's indeed true that seeing or feeling your baby's first pearly white is always a delight and a nice surprise! I was even wanting to take a picture of it but I finally decided to just do it during her sleep later ... less struggling, more pictures!! :)

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