Sunday, February 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Day, Tita Amor

My youngest sister celebrated her birthday yesterday. We just had a simple celebration at home ... Sayang, wala si Papa and Opay (my other sister who's working in Cebu) ... Anyway, here are some of our pictures:::

Lola Mama, Tita Amor, and Buning

Missing Lolo Papa and Tita Opay :(

Monday, February 18, 2008

Our Masheng Turned 11 Months!

One more month to go, and our li'l girl will turn a year old. I can't help but feel a li'l emotional ... Haay, parang kailan lang... ang bilis talaga ng panahon ... For sure I will miss her "infant days" ... But of course, I'm also excited about having a toddler. I'm looking forward to doing lots of fun and educational activites with her!

By the way, Masheng already knows a lot of things at 11 months. She now knows a lot of tricks and can follow some simple instructions and commands (click here for her milestones and pictures on her 10th month). Nakakatuwa na ngang turuan kasi sobrang sharp ng memory nya at sobrang bilis nyang pasunurin! I taught her the latest trick yesterday. Just ask her to comb hair and she'll willingly do the gesture even without a comb (as if she has lots of hair!).

Hay, one more month to go at may 1 year old baby na ko! Advance Happy Birthday to Our Beloved Masheng!

Lola's gift on her 11th month ....

ang sweet ng lola! (my mom)

Checking out her new toy!

"I wonder how this works ..."

"Thank you Mamem for this new toy."

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Our Li'l Cookie Monster Masheng

Marchelle really loves to eat! She actually eats almost everything! But she specially loves cookies! She won't care even it's too messy to eat!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Marchelle's First Valentine's Day

'Ala lang ... picture taking sa house before going to work ... Hehe, terno pa kami ni hubby ng top! As usual, iwan si Masheng sa house ... She was so excited pa naman kasi akala nya kasama siya sa lakad. Hay, kung pwede lang isama na lang si baby sa work para we're always complete! Hubby Jomski and I just had a simple dinner date bago pumasok (parang Intsik, hehe, alanganin kasi ang pasok ko so 'di pwede ang date sa gabi). It's just like an ordinary day for us though somehow it's extra special since it's our 1st Vday with Masheng!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Masheng's Final Tarp Layout

Hopefully final na 'to. I tried my best doing and following all my fellow Multiply buddies' suggestions and advices. Thank you po sa lahat ng nag comment 'dun sa una kong blog.

'Eto na sana mismo 'yung ipapa print ko so I did what my fellow Multiply mommy (mommy Ja) told me. I set image/file size sa mismong tarp size na gusto ko para hindi magka problem sa printing. I also talked to the printer and asked the things that I need to do with my layout (required size and resolution) to make sure na hindi hindi mare-reject ang gawa ko (just like what mommy Razz told me to do). Well, I actually combined the 2 tarps that I made (flowers and precious moments theme). Pinagsama ko since pareho ko talaga silang gusto. Actually, Precious Moments talaga ang original theme na gusto ko. Natuwa lang din kasi ako 'dun sa flowers na alphabet so isinama ko na rin siya to make my tarp colorful. Besides, people are saying na pareho silang nice so pinagsama ko na lang sila since hindi rin ako makapili (sana lang hindi siya over embellished). I tried reducing the circle frames' colors since it takes the focus out of the pictures (according to CuppyPuppy). Mas readable na rin ang name ni Marchelle since I use the flower alpha nga. I included our family pic na rin (just like what mommies Ana, Len and Christine suggested). I tried searching for more PM pics but I was not able to find brighter ones (juts like what prettysexymommy want sana). I already put the months for each pics and made her last month picture bigger (as suggested by mommy Haids). And I changed the shape na rin from square to rectangle para mas magmukha talaga siyang tarp (as suggested by mommy Vanj) at syempre I double checked 'yung pagsasabitan for us to know how to display it (from sis Gi/ li'l Dove Feather). Thank you po sa inyong lahat! Grabe, sana wala akong nakalimutan sa mga suggestions nyo! Thank you 'din sa lahat ng nag comment at naka appreciate (Shane, sis Irish, sis Beth, sis Stef, sis Mizhelle, sis Joy Cruz, sis Marlie, sis Mel, sis Michelle etc...). At syempre thank you rin 'dun sa mga friends ko na naka appreciate din offline (sencia na, 'di ko na mababanggit lahat).

I'm still open to suggestions and comments. Kaya pa namang ihabol since I'm still waiting for her 11th month picture. Thanks again!

Monday, February 11, 2008

From One to Three "Pusods"

Yipee! Masheng's hair is really getting thicker! A few weeks more and we can already braid her hair! It's time to buy her more ribbons and colorful ponytails!

"Do I look good, Mama?"

Friday, February 1, 2008

My Baby's Invitation

Actually, my idea na ako kung anong klase ng invitation ang gusto kong ipagawa. I'd like to choose among the chocolate bar, the magnetic, the box/cube invites sana na nakita ko sa mga suppliers through the net (specially at Multiply). But then, sinubukan ko na rin. Hindi ko lang alam kung papasa na. Anyway, hindi pa naman tapos. Cover pa lang ang nagagawa ko. I know, it's kinda simple ...

Any suggestions po uli? (pasensya na ang kulit ko... hihihi!). And can you recommend me a good printer? Ok na kaya kung sa Kodak ako magpa print? Thanks!