Thursday, April 22, 2010

Second Batch of Winnings at Mom Center

Yey, we got 4 out of 5 categories for the months of March and April (pregnant moms, baby, family and newborn). Here are our winning pictures:

Pregnant Moms




My Baby King also won at their Facebook monthly contest. He got the most number of "likes". I was so happy of course, this was his very first online contest. Thanks dear friends for your unending support for my babies :)

Here are our prizes:

I would also like to congratulate my sister for winning 3 categories.

Thanks again Mom Center!

(Click here to view our first winnings at MC.)

Sweet Memories With Yoshinoya

I joined Yoshinoya's contest at Facebook last month. Here's my winning entry:

"If I win, I will invite my hubby Jomark Villestas to YOSHINOYA PHILIPPINES (YCPI) and order their best selling Gyudons! That would be a very nice treat for such a hardworking husband and dad like him."

We won 2 bowls of their yummy Beef Gyudon with drinks as a prize.

We were supposed to take a sweet photo but since wala kaming kasamang kukuha, eh, wala kaming magandang pic (nakakahiya kasing magpa picture sa crew, libre na nga, eh, hehehe). So ayun, 'di na kami sumali dun sa next contest pa sana.

But we were of course still thankful, syempre anything na libre, masarap! Kahit nga si Masheng na mahirap pakainin, eh na enjoy ang food nila.

She also had a taste of their Mandarin Orange ice cream. I've tried it as well, ang sarap!

Baby King was with us also, but of course, he couldn't eat yet, nanakam lang, takaw kasi!

Thanks Yoshinoya for such a delicious treat!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Marchelle's 16th Magazine Appearance

Katuwa naman, sunod sunod! Suki na kami ng Baby Mag!

The picture was taken at Eco Park. Obviously, masayang masaya ang water baby! Giniginaw na 'yan pero smile pa din :)

Click here to view her 15th Magazine Appearance.