Monday, March 31, 2008

Masheng Shares Her Pool

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Swimming time with Masheng's cousins Ate Nadine and Ate Leila ... mas marami, mas happy!

with Ate Nadine

Ate Nadine and Ate Leila

Ang saya!

Kinahapunan, with matatatanda naman ... This time, hindi na naka swim suit si Masheng since wala na talaga akong balak na paglanguyin siya ulit ... Nakita lang nya 'yung mga matatada na naglalanguyan, so ayun, lublob ulit siya sa tubig even without changing into her swimsuit ...

Masayang masaya na naman ang bata ...

swim swim uli!

ang matatanda

mga walang kasawaan

Inabot na ng ulan, pero sige pa rin!

... at may sumisisid pa!

"Ibalik nyo ko sa pool!"

Masheng Modelling Her New Swimsuit

Masheng in her blue two-pieced swimwear ... medyo maluwag pa 'yung bikini so malamang next summer na nya magamit. But its ok, she can wear her red swimsuit pa rin naman from last year, eh! But I'm still thinking of buying her a new one, kasi gusto ko talaga ng 2-piece for her for this summer (actually excuse ko lang 'yun para maapag two piece din! sasabihin ko lang kay hubby na dapat terno kami ni Masheng para cute sa pics! hihihi!) ...

I dunno why she loves sticking her tongue out ...

Feeling nasa catwalk .... :) sexy back ...

side view naman

busog ...

belat ulit ....

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Swimming Time!

Masheng's pic while having fun in the pool!

"I'm ready, mom!" (Modelling her swimsuit from last year...)

All set!

"It's cold!" (She had her first dip last night...)

"This is fun!"

"Sukob ka sa payong ko, Papa!"

Having fun with Mama

Monday, March 24, 2008

Masheng's New Swimming Pool

We got Masheng a swimming pool! Sobrang init na kasi, besides we want her to get use to water before kami mag plan ng swimming sa beach or in any resort para hindi siya matakot lumangoy. Actually, ok na sa akin 'yung baby pool lang, but since maraming bata sa amin (at matatanda na rin!, hehe) eh, 'yung malaki na 'yung binili namin so everybody could have fun! (Actually, si hubby Jomski talaga ang gusto ng malaki, kaya pala, bwena-mano sa pag gamit ang loko!). Besides, we know that Masheng will enjoy more 'pag marami siyang kasamang nagsi swimming,,,

Hubby Joms inflating the pool ...

Hindi na lulubog Masheng dito ... :)

Practicing her steps in the pool ...

Napagod ang baby ...

...kaya pala gusto nya ng malaking pool!

Mommy and Masheng in Tagaytay

We spent the Holy Friday (March 21, 2008) in Tagaytay. We just had a sumptous lunch at Leslie's (sorry, I forgot to take pics while we were having lunch, mga gutom na kasi!) , then konting sight seeing (and picture taking, of course!), then uwi na ulit... Unfortunately, hubby wasn't able to go with us kasi "mamamanata" daw siya sa Quiapo that time (hehe, mas religious pa sa 'kin ang asawa ko!), kaya puro kami lang ni Masheng ang nasa pictures ...

"Mama, nasisilaw na po ako! Tama na ang picture!"

Picture muna while waiting for our food...

She just loves to practice walking!

The famous view ....

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Ang Masayahin Kong Anak

Hehe, minsan, 'di ko maintindihan kung bakit ang saya saya at ang daldal nya ... But we always find her very amusing ... See this video.

Bike Time with Masheng!

I was on leave yesterday so I was able to spend more time with my baby girl (I was expecting to get exhausted after first birthday party kaya nag file na ako ng leave as early as last week ... I'll post our birthday pics po as soon as I get our copies from our dear friend who volunteered to be the official photographer). We just stayed at home and took a rest the whole morning. Then, nung hapon, I decided to have Masheng ride her bike and stroll outside the house with me guiding her of course! Hay, I hope I could do it with her more often ... (*sigh*)

O nga pala, she got a new car... ayaw magpatalo ng isa pang lola (my mom) so ayun, niregaluhan si Masheng ng isa pang sasakyan for her first birthday (sayang nga, akala ko naman 'yung dream car na namin! hihihi!) ... eh since she can't ride both at the same time, she just lent her small car to her Ate Nadine (my niece) ...

"Mama, tama na ang picture, alis na tayo!"

"Syempre, dapat nakapayong, para hindi ako mangitim!" :)

"Karera tayo Ate Nadine!"

Friday, March 14, 2008

Feeling Emotional Again

2 days na lang at birthday na ni Masheng ko! Ang bilis bilis ng panahon! (I've been saying this for almost a hundred time na ata!).

Naaalala ko pa, it was exactly last year when I had the first sign na malapit na akong manganak! (I had the "bloody show" here in the office). Akala ko nga matatagalan pa, kasi sinabi ng OB ko that very day (or the day before ata) na aabutin pa ng 1 week since hindi pa daw ripe ang cervix ko ... ayun, the next day, sumasakit na 'yung tyan at nagtuloy tuloy na nga ... (ironic, kasi I was supposed to have my baby shower 'dun sa mismong araw at oras ng panganganak ko! sayang, hindi natuloy, but I got all their gifts pa rin naman, hehe!). Check out my "Giving Birth Story" na lang ... masyadong mahaba para magkwento ulit, hehe!

I also wanna share the very first letter that I wrote for my li'l girl. I wrote just days bago ko siya inire (hehe) ... feeling nostalgic and emotional lang ang mommy today kasi naman isang araw na lang at 'di na sanggol ang baby ko ...

How I miss my li'l fragile Masheng! But of course, I'm also looking forward for having a little toddler. I'm very excited to train and teach her a lot of new things and I know that we'll be doing and sharing a lot of wonderful and new experiences together...

To baby Juliana Marchelle Amelie,

Thanks for coming into our life. You are our little miracle sent to us from up above. We waited for quite a long time. God just knew that we would be the ones for you to love so I want to thank Him for giving you to us, for choosing us as your Mommy and Daddy to be.

I also want to thank you for giving me the most wonderful pregnancy that any mom could ever hope for. I never imagined that this journey could be so remarkable. Now, that it’s about to end, I want you to know that I really cherish and that I will continue to harbor each and every moment that you stayed within me throughout my child bearing days. I know it’s odd but despite all the pains, nausea and morning sickness, cramps, sleepless nights, moodiness, etc… that I’ve experienced for almost 9 months, I just feel that I will really miss those days of bearing you. Especially, I will miss all the kicks and turns, as you toss and move in my belly, that never fails to thrill and delight us, especially me.

But of course, I cannot be pregnant with you forever. Now, it’s almost time to let you go. A few weeks and days from now, we will finally meet you. Me and you father are really both very excited! We cannot wait for the moment that we could finally touch and hold you into our arms. Lots of other people are anticipating for your arrival. The world waits to see you. But just take your time sweetie, and come meet us when you are good and ready. I’m feeling nervous, you know it’s my first time, you are our very first angel. I know you’re nervous, too, but don’t worry my dear, I believe that everything will turn out fine. No one can harm you; mom will do everything to protect her little Marchelle. Just be patient and be brave my dear, we’ll be with each other soon.

We will wait ever so patiently to see your loving face and to feel your warmth as we nurture you with so much love and affection. We want you to know that we will love you and hold you from now until the end of time.



"Parang kailan lang ..."

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Marchelle's Got Her First Bike!

Masheng got a new bike! It's a birthday gift from her Mamita (my mom in law!)... Actually, we were planning to keep it from her for a while until her Sunday (her birthday) para sana surprise, kaso excited ang lahat so ayun, she was able to see and ride on it na! It is so cute! I like the colors (yellow and pink of course!) and it even has an umbrella which makes it more "kikay" (hehe, Masheng really has to grow more hair!, mukha pa rin siyang baby boy, eh!). She loves it and she even hums and dances whenever she pushes the buttons which produces different musical sounds (see the video here.) Thank you, Nanay for this wonderful gift! (Hmmm, I'm wondering what my mom and her 2 lolos would be giving her...)

Masheng loves it!

"Can I ride it now?"

"Let's check if the buttons are working..."

A different way of riding a bike.


She just so loves the phone! Give her a fake or a real one, and you wouldn't have to tell her to put it near her ears, since she'll automatically do it and pretend to be talking with someone (sometimes with matching patango tango pa as if may kausap talaga sya! lols!). One more thing, she can now stand on her own for several minutes even while she's holding something (you can actually see it here!) ... she has also started to take her first li'l steps!. Too bad, I didn't catch her very first steps on video or cam since it was so sudden! I was also too content (not to mention a bit teary eyed and emotional) that I just embraced her tight after seeing that special milestone (so no chance for me to take a pic then! lols!). I'm so excited! She'll probably be walking in a few weeks! Sayang nga, 'di pa umabot sa birthday nya!

Masheng Finally Learns To Give

It was just last month when I worried about my Masheng being "madamot" (see the video here: even received a lot of comments and advices from my online friends and they told me that it was just normal, that it could just be a part of her developmnetal milestone, that it will eventually pass etc.. etc.. But despite knowing that, we never stopped from teaching her until she seized and understand the idea of giving and sharing. And I'm so proud to say that after just several weeks of being patient, she finally learned to give and share! I'm one happy and proud momma again! :)

Masheng's Dream Car este Mama and Papa's Dream Car Pala for Masheng...

We've been wanting to buy a car for Masheng ('yung de-baterya at may remote). For the past months, pabalik balik kami sa SM to check kung bumaba na ba ang price nya or nag-sale na kaya siya (at ilang salesboy na rin ang nag away away dahil sa pagi-inquire namin since nag aagawan sila ng buyer!). To our dismay, ganun pa rin ang price nya! As in mahal talaga (I don't know with other parents, but for us na simple lang ang buhay, eh expensive at out of the budget talaga siya!). So hubby and I decided na ipagpaliban na lang muna. Hay, sayang, balak pa naman sana naming ibigay 'yun as our birthday gift for her. But its ok, since it can wait naman until maybe her 2nd or 3rd birthday. For sure, maa-appreciate pa rin nya 'yun by that time. Besides, Nanay (my mom in law) just bought her a new bike as a birthday gift din (I'll post pictures soon!). Isa pa, I learned from my sis, that my mom was also planning to buy that car for my Masheng (haay, na-spoiled na nang tuluyan ang apo, first grandchild kasi!)... so kung matutuloy yun, we won't need to buy it anymore. For the meantime, mananatili muna siyang dream car at hanggang lang pictures muna si Masheng ...

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

My Printed Layouts

Yipee! I had my invitation and tarp printed na! I was so happy to finally see the layouts that I worked hard for! My works might not be that admirable, but of course for a busy mom like me, that's already an accomplishment! Konting aral pa at magbi-business na talaga ako! (actually, kinokontrata ako nung printer ng tarp! hmmm, pwede rin siguro as a start! hehehe). I would like to thank Ms Mek of NY giftshop nga pala for printing out my choco invites. Thank you for having my layout printed ha and thanks din for your patience sa kakulitan ko ('till next transaction po ulit!). Wow, less than 2 weeks to go at big day na ni Masheng ko ...

my choco invites

The Tarpaulin

Masheng was amazed to see her faces printed on the tarp ...