Wednesday, March 12, 2008


She just so loves the phone! Give her a fake or a real one, and you wouldn't have to tell her to put it near her ears, since she'll automatically do it and pretend to be talking with someone (sometimes with matching patango tango pa as if may kausap talaga sya! lols!). One more thing, she can now stand on her own for several minutes even while she's holding something (you can actually see it here!) ... she has also started to take her first li'l steps!. Too bad, I didn't catch her very first steps on video or cam since it was so sudden! I was also too content (not to mention a bit teary eyed and emotional) that I just embraced her tight after seeing that special milestone (so no chance for me to take a pic then! lols!). I'm so excited! She'll probably be walking in a few weeks! Sayang nga, 'di pa umabot sa birthday nya!

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