Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Bike Time with Masheng!

I was on leave yesterday so I was able to spend more time with my baby girl (I was expecting to get exhausted after first birthday party kaya nag file na ako ng leave as early as last week ... I'll post our birthday pics po as soon as I get our copies from our dear friend who volunteered to be the official photographer). We just stayed at home and took a rest the whole morning. Then, nung hapon, I decided to have Masheng ride her bike and stroll outside the house with me guiding her of course! Hay, I hope I could do it with her more often ... (*sigh*)

O nga pala, she got a new car... ayaw magpatalo ng isa pang lola (my mom) so ayun, niregaluhan si Masheng ng isa pang sasakyan for her first birthday (sayang nga, akala ko naman 'yung dream car na namin! hihihi!) ... eh since she can't ride both at the same time, she just lent her small car to her Ate Nadine (my niece) ...

"Mama, tama na ang picture, alis na tayo!"

"Syempre, dapat nakapayong, para hindi ako mangitim!" :)

"Karera tayo Ate Nadine!"

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