Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Marchelle's Got Her First Bike!

Masheng got a new bike! It's a birthday gift from her Mamita (my mom in law!)... Actually, we were planning to keep it from her for a while until her Sunday (her birthday) para sana surprise, kaso excited ang lahat so ayun, she was able to see and ride on it na! It is so cute! I like the colors (yellow and pink of course!) and it even has an umbrella which makes it more "kikay" (hehe, Masheng really has to grow more hair!, mukha pa rin siyang baby boy, eh!). She loves it and she even hums and dances whenever she pushes the buttons which produces different musical sounds (see the video here.) Thank you, Nanay for this wonderful gift! (Hmmm, I'm wondering what my mom and her 2 lolos would be giving her...)

Masheng loves it!

"Can I ride it now?"

"Let's check if the buttons are working..."

A different way of riding a bike.

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