Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Masheng's First Trick/Holloween Party

Masheng's First Trick or Treat/Holloween Party

We just had our own Holloween party here at our working place. I was sooo excited for my baby since it's her very first costume party experience! (That's why, we had prepared a month before the event.). She was wearing a beautiful pink fairy costume and she looked so adorable in it! Almost everybody was saying, "Aaaaw!", "So cute!", "Adorable!" etc ... which made me really really proud! I think I'm starting to be a real stage mom (I guess, I got it from my own mom!).

By the way, I wore a witch's costume. I was really having a hard time chosing what to wear. I've been wanting to wear an angel or a fairy costume (actually I really wanted to impersonate Cleopatra), but since I'm too busy I didn't get enough time to prepare those. So I ended up wearing a simple back dress and witch's hat (with matching make up of course!). But even I didn't get that best costume award, the party was still indeed a blast! At least, my baby received an award for being the best in modelling and for having the best costume. (More pictures here .)

my cute li'l fairy...

mommy witch and baby fairy...

Cimg1089papa devil, baby fairy, mama witch


trick or treat!

Cimg1082 Cimg1084the kids ...


"nagutom ang fairy..."

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