Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I'm Back ...

I'm back here at Blogger ... hopefully for good. I actually became a member earlier this year. But because of my sooo busy sched, I wasn't able to maintain this site. I'm maintaining my other sites though (my Multiply and Friendster blogs) ... so if you wanna know me more, feel free to browse them...

Well, allow me to introduce my self first as I re-open this blog site ...

I am Michelle Aleli R. Villestas... You can just call me Mich, Peachy, Chelle, Tetet, sexy etc... I'm a 24 year old working mom of a very-cute-and-adorable-baby-girl and a "very sexy wifey" (ehem!) of my beloved hubby Jomski.

My hub (Joms) and I have been together for 9 blissful years now! We met in highschool (we were classmates then) and got married on January 3, 2006 (so we'll be celebrating our 2nd year wedding anniversary this coming year). Despite being together for so long, I'm proud to say that we're still very happy and 100% in love with each other especially now that we received the most precious gift that we could ever have, our little angel Juliana Marchelle.

As of now, I'm so much into taking pictures and videos (especially my baby's), digital scrapbooking, photoshop-ing, updating my blogs and other sites etc ... So you can expect a lot of visuals in my blog entries.

I am working as an English Instructor and as a trainer in a call center somewhere in Ortigas. I am planning to pursue a teaching career in time. I also want to try stage acting, wedding/party plnning and other medical career if I'd be given a chance. But I'd be the happiest person in the world if I would be able to fulfill my dream of becoming a professional dancer someday.

I'm a certified dog lover. I have two darling pooches, Hana and Michi (I used to have 4 more before). I am very kikay, I love girly and pink stuff. I love wearing skirts (but my husband hates it!). I'm a cheese lover! I'm a frustrated model. I am a certified 'Kapamilya'. I love the Spice Girls and the Carpenters. I love hearing classic songs. I'm not that religious but I'm a God fearing person. I love my family and relatives. I'm an OC. I'm an introvert but could be very friendly, too! I'm a stage mom. I'm more of a listener and a giver.

Well, I wanna say more but I think that would be enough for an introduction. For a start, let me post some of my treasured entries from my other blogs ... 'Hope you'll enjoy reading my posts and browsing through my page ... Thanks for dropping by!!!

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