Sunday, November 18, 2007

Marchelle's Hairless No More

Weee! Marchelle got a longer hair! (Fake nga lang, wehehe...)

Last Saturday, I went to 168 mall just to find some cute headbands for my baby. But unfortunately, they don't have much baby stuff and accessories there. So I ended up buying a bonnet (cap) with a wig. I just thought that my baby would really look cute while wearing it so I bought it despite its big size. I tried it on her right after going home, and as expected, everybody was so amused and delighted upon seeing it on her ... But Marchelle wasn't pleased and happy about it! She got annoyed and irritated when we put it on her and she didn't really want to flaunt it. She got interested in tasting and eating it, though...

Here are some of her pictures wearing her new crowning glory...

"My new hair tastes good! Yum Yum!"

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