Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Masheng Got the 3rd Place at Baby Central and KA

Hehe, late post na 'to... been very busy nung Holiday and with my work 'din kasi...

Anyway, here was our entry for Baby Central's first ever online baby contest (Funny Face).

Thank you sa lahat ng nag vote for my li'l girl! We didn't make it to the number one spot pero happy pa rin ako kasi out of 150 plus who joined eh, nasa 3rd place kami at kasama sa finalists! :)

Sobrang thank you talaga for all your votes especially for all your sweet and flattering comments for my little girl!

And syempre, gusto kong congratulate ang winner na walan iba kundi si Sampot. Here's her entry:

< img="">

Hihihi, o di ba? Funny and cute talaga kaya deserving talagang manalo, hehehe... Congrats ulit Mommy Kim and Sam!

Congrats din kay Baby Jazz and Mommy Glends for winning the KA Halloween contest (the cutest mummy ever!):

Hehehe, just like Baby Central, pag 3rd place 'din kami! (lucky number ata ni Masheng ang 3... hehehe). Thanks 'din po sa mga nag vote sa amin sa KA!

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