Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Masheng's 7th Magazine Appearance

Yey, ganda ng gising ko! We're at Moms Today again! This issue's theme is Bath Time! Thanks ulit Moms Today!

Masheng is a certified water baby! Kahit saan, basta may tubig, go sya! Mapa timba, palanggana, bath tub, inflatable pool, big pool, beah or kahit gripo lang, eh, siguradong mag eenjoy sya! That's why she had so many pictures taking a bath, swimming, splishing and splashing or just enjoying the water!

On her baby tub. She was just months old here.
Enjoy sa Palanggana!
In a Big Bath Tub!
Her Inflatable Pool
Sa Big Pool Naman!
Beach Baby!
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