Monday, January 19, 2009

Masheng Frequently Blinks Her Eyes

Haaay, I got so worried! We first noticed it last Thursday. Akala ng lahat nung una, nagpapa cute lang! Mahilig kasi syang mag "Beautiful Eyes". They were also saying na mannerism lang daw. 'Wag daw pansinin at mawawala rin. But of course as a mom, I know that it was something that shouldn't be ignored.

I tried researching about it first. I though that it was some kind of a static tic which is said to be common in kids (It's a repeated involuntary muscular movements, affecting either limb muscles, facial muscles... examples are grimacing or eyelid flicking or vocal muscles etc.). Well, I found out na normal lang daw 'yun and nawawala 'din daw in time. Pero nakakatakot pa din. Pano kung hindi na mawala? Kung anu ano tuloy ang naiisip ko. And pano rin kung hindi pala 'yun ang reason? I've also read about Tourett Syndrome (it's more serious than just having ordinary motor tics) and I was so scared by the thought of my baby having it!

Dahil nga sa hindi ako mapakali at sa kung anu ano ang naiisip ko, I told my hubby Joms to bring Masheng to the hospital yesterday. At least kung may problem nga eh, maagapan. Thank God, it was just a minor irritation according to the doctor! He just gave Masheng an ointment to be applied on her lids while she's asleep.

Haaay, sana mabilis siyang gumaling para mawala na totally ang worries ko! Hopefully, she'd be ok by Sunday. She'll be having a photoshoot kasi. Baka mamaya, puro kirat or nakapikit ang kalabasan ng mga pictures nya, hehehe! But of course, what's most important for me, eh, 'yung maalis ang discomfort nya.

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