Friday, March 5, 2010

Baby King's First Solid Food

Since nag 4 months na si Baby King, we gave him his first solid food na. Ate Masheng had hers kasi at 4 months din (she had it a day after turning 4 months old). They both had Gerber, different flavors lang (banana for ate and carrot for bunso).

Here is a scrap page that I made for Masheng when she had her very first solid food. My mom and my aunt were the ones who fed her (excited lolas, hehe). How time flies!

Syempre dapat may pics din si Baby King. This time, kami ng Papa nya ang nagpakain sa kanya. Ate Masheng was present din (parang mas excited ang ate).

With the whole family :)

He loved it!

Messy but still cute!

He wants more!

Sabi nang more pa, eh! Ayan, umiyak tuloy nung tapos na :)

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nicquee said...

Time flies so fast indeed! Cutie baby!