Monday, March 8, 2010

Things That I've Discovered About Masheng During the Expo Kid Fair

It was a day of fun and learning not just for Masheng but for me as well. Through it, I got to discover more about my little girl's skills. It was very timely since weve been thinking of the best workshop or activity for her this summer. At least now, we have an idea of which among those she would really enjoy.

Here are the things that I've discovered about Masheng during the fair:

- She really loves being on the spotlight. Pagkakita pa lang nya ng stage, gusto na nyang umakyat kahit na may ongoing segment at maraming taong nanonood. When I finally allowed her to go up there, ayun, nagpo pose na at nagpa picture nang nagpa picture.

- She really loves the arts. That's why she enjoyed some of the art activities in the fair like jar painting (at Summit Media's stand), mask designing (at Kids Ahoy's booth), coloring etc... She even asked me to buy her art stuff. Muntik na akong bumili, buti na lang at naisip ko na mas mura pa rin at mas maraming choices sa National Bookstore.

- She enjoys active learning. She likes activities which would make her move. She loves dancing, jumping, running etc. Basta lahat ng activities na may kasamang laro, game sya. Kaya enjoy na enjoy sya sa activities ng Music and Me.

- Given na yung sobrang kalikutan nya. That's why I know that she would enjoy learning at kiddie gyms. Pero mas na convince ako when I saw her play at Little Gym's booth. She loves jumping, climbing, tumbling etc. Lahat na ata ng kalikutan, nagawa na nya. She doesn't mind getting hurt. Sana lang may mas mura pang playschools sa Gymboree and little Gym (suggestions please!).

- She's not so much into music instruments. She plays with them out of curiosity at first pero madali syang magsawa. Yung drumset nga sa isa sa mga booths, eh, halos dinedma nya. I'm happy with this discovery since Joms is planning to buy her one. Buti na lang at hindi pa sya nakakabili, kung nagkataon pala eh masasayang lang.

- She doesn't like sitting down for so long even when with a group of kids. She easily gets bored with activities which would require her to stay in one place for several minutes (like listening to stories, watching puppet shows etc). This means, she really isn't ready for a big school yet. We've been thinking of enrolling her next school year pa naman but since ganun nga, we better just wait until next year. She's just turning 3 anyway.

- Takot sya sa Hermit Crab. Sayang, gusto ko pa naman sana syang bilhan para may bago syang pet. ^^

It was indeed a day full of surprises! Kaya kahit sobrang layo ng Rockwell at medyo nahirapan kami mag comute eh, ok lang. Kung may next time pa, we'll definitely join again. Special thanks to Kids Ahoy since I've learned this event through them. 'Till next time!

For more pictures, click here.

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