Monday, March 22, 2010

Marchelle's 3rd Birthday (Barbie Summer Themed Party)

Since we didn't have a big budget for Masheng's 3rd birthday, we planned to just have a small celebration at home.

Actually, her first 2 birthdays were also held at home. Although, we spent more on those compared to this one. On her first 2 birthdays, we were able to invite more friends, while we were not able to do so this year. We just had a very intimate party with our relatives and some neighbors.

But of course, despite the budget constraints, we still wanted our little girl to have fun on her special day. So we thought of having a swimming party for her (Ooops, we don't have a big pool, we just used her infatable pools).

Being a water baby she is, we were certain that she would enjoy such a party. It was also very timely since the summer heat is already here. So from there, I thought of making her birthday celebration a Barbie-summer-themed party.

The tarp and the invitaion was made by me again of course (both were rushed and were finished just days before the celebration). This is something that I won't get tired of doing. And it's something that I'm really proud of. I may not have much money to give her the grandest parties but somehow, by doing such small things, I could say that everything's made and prepared out of love.

Just like what I did on her first two birthday tarps, I included her 24th month - 35th month pictures.

We've used all three. So it was like a display of her monthly pictures from birth to her latest month. I hope I won't fail doing so each year until she reaches 18. On her debut, I want all her tarps of 18 years be there :)

Here's the Barbie-summer-themed invite...

.... and her Barbie-summer-themed cake with the Barbie loots:

Cake was from my mom (thanks Ma!) and her treats were sponsored by Milkita candies ^^

The kids had so much fun! For her birthday photos, click here.

Click the link to view her 2nd birthday tarp and invite:

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