Thursday, January 28, 2010

Brag Bangles

It was last year when Masheng and I had our very first brag bangles. Since then, hindi na ako nagpapalit ng bangle tuwing umaalis kami. I got the gold edition brangle. It always catches people's attention since it's really unique and trendy. Everytime may nakakakita, they would ask where I bought it. I would just say, I bought it from a dear friend.

It took some time before Masheng got used to wearing hers (white naman ang sa kanya). She didn't like it at first, I think it was a bit uncomfy and heavy for her thin arms. But as time goes by, nasanay din. Sya pa mismo ang nagpapasuot nito tuwing aalis kami (together with a watch, ginagamit ko kasing pang harang yung relo para 'di mahulog 'yung bangle). But unfortunately, kung kailan naman ok na sa kanya, eh saka naman nya naiwala.

Masheng wearing her old brag bangle.

So I asked our mommy friend Tine kung gumagawa pa sya ng bangles. I wanted another one for Masheng and for me na rin. She told me that she doesn't make them anymore, but she said that she'll make one for Masheng ulit. Buti na lang at naisipan kong magpagawa na. She's about to leave na kasi.

Sa sobrang tuwa ko, nagpagawa ako ng 2 for my li'l girl. I requested for a toddler-sized one which is similar to what she used to have before and a much bigger one, para may gagamitin pa din sya when she gets older (Ifor me, these kinds of stuff are timeless). These are more special kasi this time, kasama na ang pictures ni Baby King.

Happy with her new bangles.

I also asked her to make 6 adult bangles. My sisters and my mom have been wanting it din kasi so I thought that it would be a very nice Christmas present for them.

I know my share of review about these adorable bangles is quite late already. I just want to express my appreciation and grattitude to it's maker, Mommy Tine. Thanks kasi pinagbigyan mo 'yung request ko kahit na super busy ka rin last month (since she's leaving na nga). Sobrang thank you for the time and effort. I was really touched when you told me that you were willing to make some again for Masheng (she stopped creating them na rin kasi). And thanks din syempre for giving me a discount. Promise, mas iingatan ko na sila this time (kasi 'pag nawala pa sila ulit, wala na kong kukulitin na gumawa ulit, hehehe).

Goodluck to you and your family.


nicquee said...

Awwwww. Kaya pa di na sila nag-a-accept ng orders.

I want my own brag bangle too. :(

Buti ka pa nakapagpagawa ulit. :)

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Anonymous said...

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