Thursday, January 28, 2010

My Prizes from Spot and Other Contests...

My Belle de Jour Planner and my Havies are finally on my hands!

My new planner is really nice... It's what I exactly need, it's a power planner indeed!

My new pair of flipflops is so cute din. Buti na lang, what they gave was exactly my size. Tamang tama, I'm running out of slippers na rin kasi...

Thank you so much Spot!

Singit ko na rin 'yung iba ko pa prizes from other promos and contests.

Here's what I got from Johnson's naman. I don't use lotions that much anymore but I'm still happy to have these little cutees.

Thank you din sa Momcenter for our prizes. I got gift certificates, two big bottles of Benneton perfumes and Cycle's products upon winning all their contest categories last year (I won't post the actual pics of my MC prizes anymore, nagamit na kasi... ubos na nga 'yung isang perfume). Here are our winning pics:

I've got my token from Moms and Kids na rin (a YJC gift certificate). I gave it to Joms. He's been wanting a relaxing massage kasi. He desserves it naman since he's been working so hard.

I also won Toblerone's Thank you contest. Here was our entry pic:

Thanks ulit sa lahat...

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