Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Marchelle's Date With Her Handsome Lolo

December 24, 2008

Since we couldn't spend Christmas with my dad, we had just decided to meet him before he headed home (Bulacan pa kasi sya umuuwi, so hindi kami madalas nagkakasama). We ate at Max's (Rob place) first then after that naggala gala muna. I was so happy to see my baby and my dad having bonding moments. Bihira kasi sila talagang magkasama.

As much as possible, I want my baby to be really close to her Lolo Papem. Nung una kasi, medyo nahihiya sya dito at parang hindi nya kilala (since bihira nga silang magkita). But lately, nakakatuwa kasi hindi na sya nahihiya at kilala na rin nya ito (like last night, she was looking at our family picture and nagulat ako because she kept on saying, "Papem, papem!" while pointing at my dad :) ). Masheng is now very comfortable with and it makes my dad really happy! :)

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Our BOLT Prizes!

We finally have our prizes from the Bolt contest na! I claimed it from their office in Makati with hubby and Masheng last Monday... Nakakapagod kasi we had to wake up early pa just to go there since I work in the afternoon at medyo malayo rin ang Makati from our house.

Pero ok lang, nasulit ang pagod namin when we finally got our prizes! We got a shirt, as very cute USB hub ('yun nga ba ang tawag dun), and a BOLT stuff toy (which is actually bigger than what I was expecting).

The staff were all so nice and accomodating. Natuwa sila when Masheng said "A-choo!" (Thank you) and "Eee-hee-Mas!" (Merry Chistmas!).

When we got home, I showed Hanna our prize! Syempre, sya ang talagang winner sa contest na 'yun. I also took some pictures of her with her new baby! :)

Thanks ulit sa BOLT and for those who are behind the contest (sorry I forgot the organization/company name). Just like what I promised, we're gonna join your upcoming contests pa din!

Once more, thanks ulit sa lahat ng nag vote sa amin (sa uulitin po, hehehe).

At syempre, thanks and congrats sa baby Hana ko, hihihi, just like my other baby (MICHI) she now finally has her own shining moment... Love you babies! :)

Monday, December 15, 2008

Masheng's 5th Magazine Appearance

Yey! With Baby Mag again this time... Kahit mali ang nakalagay na name, thank you na rin, (In-ADOBE ko lang, hihi)... Sa dami siguro nang nagpapadala, minsan nagkakamali sila. So thankful pa rin ako na napili kami (wala kasi kami sa MT and WM this time so hinihintay ko talaga ang Baby Mag). It's a good Xmas present for Masheng. At least bago nag end ang year, may mag appearance ulit sya! More and more to come pa sana!

I've been waiting for it kasi nagpictorial pa kami sa house for this month's theme (not really a professional one as usual). We just used our very trusted digicam (kahit medyo Jurassic na at malapit nang palitan... yehey!), had Masheng worn her very cute Xmas outfit which I got for a very cheap price (from Rare Editions) and had her posed beside her Xmas tree (and hold some reindeers) at 'yun na, may pictiures na kami for the theme!

Thanks ulit to BabyMag! More power!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Hana and I Won the Bolt Contest! Thanks everyone for supporting us! :)

Here's our winning pic!

Sobrang thank you sa lahat nag vote sa amin ni Baby Hana (hehe, 'di ko na iisa-isahin, ang dami eh!). It means so much to me! The reason why I joined was to be able to give tribute to my precious doggies.

Actually, I originally had two entries since I have two dogs (Hana and Michi). I just removed the other one kasi I've read from their Terms and Conditions na one picture lang daw per entry. Eto 'yung pic na tinanggal ko... this picture was taken on my graduation day some years ago :)

Since ayoko namang ma-disqualified, I told Michi that I had to remove our pic from the contest (yep, I literally talked to him, hehehe) since he had a magazine appearance na naman with Marchelle. So sabi ko sa kanya, this time, it's Hanna's turn to shine naman... :)

Marchelle's Second Magazine Appearance (Baby Mag)

(Marchelle and Michi on Baby Mag)

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Thanks ulit sa lahat ng nag vote...