Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Hana and I Won the Bolt Contest! Thanks everyone for supporting us! :)

Here's our winning pic!

Sobrang thank you sa lahat nag vote sa amin ni Baby Hana (hehe, 'di ko na iisa-isahin, ang dami eh!). It means so much to me! The reason why I joined was to be able to give tribute to my precious doggies.

Actually, I originally had two entries since I have two dogs (Hana and Michi). I just removed the other one kasi I've read from their Terms and Conditions na one picture lang daw per entry. Eto 'yung pic na tinanggal ko... this picture was taken on my graduation day some years ago :)

Since ayoko namang ma-disqualified, I told Michi that I had to remove our pic from the contest (yep, I literally talked to him, hehehe) since he had a magazine appearance na naman with Marchelle. So sabi ko sa kanya, this time, it's Hanna's turn to shine naman... :)

Marchelle's Second Magazine Appearance (Baby Mag)

(Marchelle and Michi on Baby Mag)

To view more of my doggies album/pictures, click here.

Or you can also view their friendster acounts:

Hana's friendster account

Michi's friendster account

Thanks ulit sa lahat ng nag vote...

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