Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Our BOLT Prizes!

We finally have our prizes from the Bolt contest na! I claimed it from their office in Makati with hubby and Masheng last Monday... Nakakapagod kasi we had to wake up early pa just to go there since I work in the afternoon at medyo malayo rin ang Makati from our house.

Pero ok lang, nasulit ang pagod namin when we finally got our prizes! We got a shirt, as very cute USB hub ('yun nga ba ang tawag dun), and a BOLT stuff toy (which is actually bigger than what I was expecting).

The staff were all so nice and accomodating. Natuwa sila when Masheng said "A-choo!" (Thank you) and "Eee-hee-Mas!" (Merry Chistmas!).

When we got home, I showed Hanna our prize! Syempre, sya ang talagang winner sa contest na 'yun. I also took some pictures of her with her new baby! :)

Thanks ulit sa BOLT and for those who are behind the contest (sorry I forgot the organization/company name). Just like what I promised, we're gonna join your upcoming contests pa din!

Once more, thanks ulit sa lahat ng nag vote sa amin (sa uulitin po, hehehe).

At syempre, thanks and congrats sa baby Hana ko, hihihi, just like my other baby (MICHI) she now finally has her own shining moment... Love you babies! :)

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