Tuesday, May 13, 2008

My 2nd Mom's Day

We just had a simple celebration at home.

My hubby cooked a special dinner for lunch (with presentation pa ha?), did all the household chores and pampered me all day as his gift for mom's day. I also heard him, teaching Masheng say "Mama, Happy mother's day ... I Love you!" ... but of course my baby could just say, "Abu!" (which means "I Love You") which really melted my heart. We chose not to go out since lately, we barely stay at home during weekends.

My sisters also prepared some food and bought a cake for us (for me, my mom and my aunts). My mom gave me a book about motherhood (with a very touching letter she had written on its very first page) and of course, a dress for her dear "apo".

Everything was simple but still very memorable since I was able to spend that very special day with my dear family and loved ones... Belated Happy Mom's Day to all!

My second Mother's Day

Bonding Time

with the best mom in the world

With Mama and with our Mom, Tita Mel

I also wanna share my first Mother's day picture... Masheng was just around 2 months old then... Haay, ang bilis talaga ng panahon...

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