Friday, April 18, 2008

Masheng Visits Mama's Office Again

I asked hubby Jomski to take an off from work today so we could bring Masheng to my office ('di ko kasi kaya mag isa, hehe). It's been so long since she last visited at my working place. 'Yung last time ata eh, nung Halloween pa (we had a Trick or Treat for kids... Masheng dressed up as a pink li'l fairy then) ...

It was like a surprise visit for everyone! Everybody in the office knows her. But of course, she is the very first ES baby!

At the Elevator ... Going up to the 33rd floor...

"Masheng, that's the wrong door..."

"We're here!"

With some of the ES people...

With naughty Ninangs Lyn and Nery

With Ninang este Ninong Shaney and Tita Sah

Cool Boss

Break Time!

... going home

nawawalang bata....

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