Monday, December 17, 2007

My Marchelle Turned 9 Months

Masheng celebrated her 9th month last Sunday, December 16, 2007. Three more months togo before she turns one. Feeling ko kinakapos na ako ng oras kasi wala pa akong nagagawang preps for her 1st birthday. Nagka canvass pa lang kasi ako at nag-i inquire sa mga suppliers. Anyway, I decided to have Precious Moments as a theme. 'Yun nga lang mukhang mahihirapan akong humanap ng goodies and give aways since it's not that common. Masyado namang mahal 'yung mga original PM stuffs. But 'yun na talaga ang gusto kong theme for my baby... well, I'll start organizing everything in January.

Anyway, Masheng is growing really fast. She acquired new tricks during the past month. She now knows to wave goodbye (unlike before na tinataas nya lang 'yung arms nya...). At sobrang likot na rin nya. She now pulls herself to stand kaya mas nakakatakot nang 'di mabantayang mabuti. I think she's about to learn to cruise and maybe in a few more weeks, she would take her very first steps. Actually we've been training her to walk; aside from letting her use her walker, we usually lead her to take small steps while holding onto us.

Mahilig na 'ding mag-aabot nang kung anu ano! In short, mahili nang magkalat! (she's always curious about so many things). She crawls really fast at nagpapahabol pa! She can also express her wants/likes and dislikes through her gestures and actions. Malakas na ring kumain ng rice and veggies. She's even more fonder of lights (lalo na ngayong Xmas season, lagi nang nagkakandahaba ang nguso sa katuturo sa bawat Xmas lights na makikita nya).

One thing na nakakatuwa about her is, 'yung fondness nya sa babies and kids. Whenever she sees a baby, she will just give her sweetest smile and she'll try to reach and hug him/her. Everytime naman na nakakakita siya ng mga kids na naglalaro sa street namin, eh, ngingisi rin siya na para bang nagsasabing, "Can I join you, guys?" She's very malambing. Basta feel nya ang isang tao, kahit pa stranger, eh, i-ha hug nya talaga ito nang mahigpit. Kahit nga 'yung mga "anak" nya (her dolls and stufftoys) eh, kina-cudle din nya. Though she can still be very snob 'pag bagong gising at wala sa mood.

Haay, ang sarap pala talagang maging mommy! I won't really get tired of documenting all her milestones and develoments and writting a lot of journals about her!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Sleeping While Sitting Down

Marchelle really loves to play! There are times that she refuses to rest and to relax no mater how sleepy she is! She usually drains her energy and exhaust herself first before dozing off. That's why most of the time, she would just fall asleep even when she's on a sitting position (which we find cute though very uncomfy!). I don't know if I should be bothered. Of course, I'm 100% sure that my baby is very normal. It's just that some kids that I know are not as active as my little girl. Tatlo daw kasi ang 'puyo' kaya sobrang likot! Here are some of her pics ...
"Napagod sa kakalaro."
"Mas trip nya ang ganitong position."
"At nakanganga pa!" :)
"Bagsak ang baby!"

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Marchelle Cuts Her First Tooth

A few days ago, my aunt and my sister told me that my Masheng is already having her very first tooth! I was really excited to see it, but to my dismay, she didn't want to open her mouth when we asked her to do so, for us to be able to take a look. So, just like what they did, I gently twiddled my fingers trough her gums and felt her first little tooth. Though this morning, I was quite lucky because I was able to take a peek into her mouth. She was laughing and smilling widely while playing with her Papa so I was able to see her very first chopper. It's indeed true that seeing or feeling your baby's first pearly white is always a delight and a nice surprise! I was even wanting to take a picture of it but I finally decided to just do it during her sleep later ... less struggling, more pictures!! :)

Sunday, December 2, 2007

More Xmas Decors!

We spent the weekend putting up all the remaining decors that we have at home. It's kinda late since we usually decorate our house 2 months before Christmas Day. We've all been busy kasi so we barely find time to do it. At least, natapos rin! I can now say, na Pasko na talaga sa house! I'm so exited for this year's Yuletide season because it's my baby's first! Ngayon ko lang ulit na feel 'yung same excitement na napi feel ko every Christmas season nung bata pa ako! I'm so excited for my baby! For sure she will receive tons of gifts this Xmas. Excited din akong mamili ng gifts for her and for my loved ones of course! Advance Merry Christmas to all!!!

hubby putting up more decors

"Anong ginagawa mo dyan, Papa?"

Nakikigulo ang bata!

pretty with Ponsettia

"Nangangati na po ako!"

It's Christmas Time!

Merry Xmas Michi!