Monday, July 26, 2010

VNC and Plains and Prints Gift Certificates from Kumiko Mae's Blog Contest

I joined Kumiko Mae's midyear blog contest and won!

The mechanics were so easy and simple. But I guess, what made me win was my photo entry posted on her FB account (that was optional though). She asked us to post a picture wearing our favorite shoes or dress.

Well here was my entry. This was actually not a very recent pic. This was taken last year when I was 8 months preggy with our bunso. I couldn't find any other photo of me wearing a nice dress so I chose to send this one. Well, as they say, 'maswerte talaga ang buntis'.

Here are my prizes... Plains and Prints and VNC gift certificates and other discount coupons! I'm actually more excited to shop for VNC shoes!

And of course, a love note from Miss Kumi! Thank you so much for choosing me! More power to your blog! :)

Loots from NZ

My mom and my sisters just got back from New Zealand and brought home a lot of goodies!

(Puro Cadburry! Sakto, I was craving for these a week before they came back from NZ... They brought home flavors and variants which we couldn't buy here... ;)

(Clothes, books and toys for the kids :) )

(Puro sheep!)

(Masheng's favorite! This one's really cute!)

Thanks Mama, Opay and Ipay! Thanks din to Masheng's and Baby King's grannies (aunt Tima and uncle Dan , who live in NZ) for the other pasalubongs (especially for Masheng's books, she loves them!). Next time, kami naman ang pupunta dyan :)

LG Cookie Wifi from LG Life's Good Contest

I got really lucky with this one. I was chosen to be one of the lucky voter's and got a brand new LG Cookie WIfi phone as a prize!

Thank you so much for this wonderful phone LG! We love it!

Click here to view the winners list:

Gift Pack from Sunsilk Hair Experts

Consolation Prize from Sunsilk Hair Experts Blog Contest.

They gave all the 7 variants! Thank you Sunsilk! :)

(Akala ata nila toys... colorful kasi!)

Pack from Olay

Bisolvon Alagang Super MOMents


This was the biggest contest that I've joined so far...

Out of hundreds who submitted their pics, we were luckily chosen to be one of the 50 finalists (lucky, because I submitted my entry the day before the submission period had ended).

The next 3 weeks was a bit tough since voting gets 50 percent of the criteria (the remaining 20% goes to creativity and image quality and 30% for having emotional impact).

Though our votes didn't make it to top 7 (there would be just 7 winners), I was still hopeful since I did believe that the photo I submitted would somehow gain points based on the other criterias.

And I was right! After the voting period, I got a message from Bisolvon telling that us we made it to top 5! I thought we were just among the 5 finalists who won 10,000 each. But I got even more surprised when the winners were finally announced... we made it to the second place and won 25,000!

I was so happy that despite our low votes, we still made it! That means our entry was chosen because of it's creativity and emotional impact.

Kudos to all the SuperMOMs who joined especially to those who made it to top 7!

Here are the rest of the winners: