Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Marchelle's 4th Magazine Appearance

It's our first time with Working Mom (Baby Face Section). It was for the theme "Li'l Witch" (October 2008 issue). We didn't really prepare much for it. We just had her worn my black satin blouse and a witch hat that I had worn last Halloween. We also forced her to "play" with my cousins' very old doll para may props (hehe, parang manika kasi talaga ng mangkukulam).

Here are the other pics that I sent. It was so hard to make her smile. She didn't want to wear the witch hat either (I guess it was because the hat was too big for her) so taking her "witchie" pics wasn't a breeze.

She really didn't want to wear the witch's hat...

...That's why she kept on removing it from her head.

It was so hard to make her look at the cam...

Finally!... she's waving "Hello"

The pic that they chose... She's eating gummy bears here.

She's finally posing!

Kita cleavage... :)

Thanks to Working Mom! We got a 1K gift certificate as a prize...

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