Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Happy 10th Month Marchelle!

It's my baby Masheng's 10th month today! Too sad that just like her previous "month birthdays", I wasn't able to spend the day with her because of work. I even felt like crying when I left her at home this afternoon. She was crying so hard since she knew that we were leaving without her again.

I wasn't even able to take photos of her this morning since I didn't have much time (I always do so whenever she turns a month older). So I just told hubby Jomski to do it for me since his work starts at 6pm.

It gets harder and harder each day, specially now that she's already experiencing separation anxiety. We sometimes have to sneak out of the house just for her not see us going away. You could imagine how hard it is to leave the house without even saying goodbye or kissing her just to spare her from shedding tears. But its even harder to leave while seeing her crying as if begging us to bring her with us.

If only I wouldn't have to work anymore so I could spend all my time with her! She's one of the reasons why I've been wanting to resign and quit my job. And yeah, maybe that's the reason why I'm always gloomy these days (Though that wasn't the reason why I argued with our boss yesterday... akala nya kasi napapagod lang ako sa work and sa baby ko kaya naging "sarcastic" and "rude" daw ako sa kanya kahapon... I'm not the type of person who brings my personal problems and anxieties at work. So that scene happened because I was really meaning to make him understand and realize something...).

Well, of course, It's not easy to decide ... especially now that Masheng's birthday is getting nearer! (gosh, 2 months to go!) ... Hmmm, maybe I can decide after March 16 ... :)

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