Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Scrapbooking with Masheng

At first, I thought that I couldn't work on her second scrapbook with her around since she's so makulit and malikot. Gusto nya kasi, lahat ng gagawin ko eh, gagawin din nya. Pati yung mga scrapbooking tools ko, kinakalat.

But instead of pushing her away, I thought of getting her involved by giving her some scrapbooking tasks. As always, she enjoys the idea of being a big help in everything we do so ayun, she obediently followed my instructions and made herself busy with her tasks.

When she grows up, I would tell her that she helped me out with her scrapbook so she would treasure and appreciate it more. Sana nga matapos ko ASAP (I have to work on her 3rd scrapbook pa, yung pang second year nya...). 'Pag labas kasi ni baby boy, 'yung sa kanya naman ang gagawin ko. Although Joms told me na sya daw ang gagawa ng scrapbook ng junior nya (agawan daw ba ang mommy ng project, hehehe!).

Our busy baby... she now knows how to use a glue :)

Dikit lang nang dikit :)

Done with the first page!

Stickers on our wall! Na adik ata sa kadidikit :)

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