Thursday, July 23, 2009

Marchelle's Butterfly

Just a while ago Masheng was busy stacking her blocks. I noticed that she now stacks them with some creative patterns. She also doesn't get frustrated anymore when she's having a hard time unstacking them and putting them back together.

I wondered what she was thinking while seriously doing her little masterpiece. She seemed to be so engrossed with her little activity. So I decided to ask her what that model was.

She proudly said, "It's a butterfly!" I was a bit surprised with her answer. I was expecting her to say other things like a house, a train or a robot (these are some of the most common things that kids usually create with building blocks).

But when I took a closer look at her model, then I realized that yeah, it looked like a butterfly indeed!

The tallest stack of blocks in the middle serves as its body and the two shorter stacks on both sides appear to be the "butterfly's" wings.

I was truly amazed. I came to realize that she is now being more creative and imaginative.

She was so proud of her work of course! She even asked me to take a picture of her showing it.

Noticed that another piece of block was added at the top of her butterfly. I guess that serves as its antennae.

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