Monday, March 9, 2009

What's for Masheng's Second Birthday?

It's Masheng's 2nd birthday on the 16th but since it's on a Monday, we decided to just celebrate it the weekend after (Saturday, March 21st). We're just going to have a simple and an intimate celebration at home this time (last year was at home din naman... that was a bigger one though since all the kids in the neighborhood were invited). Baka kasi by next year eh lumipat na kami ng house so last chance na ni Masheng na mag birthday sa bahay. Besides we don't have a budget for a bigger party, since madami kaming bayarin, hehehe (house rent, housing loan, Jom's tuition fee, credit card, waaaah, sakit sa ulo!).

Everything is going to be really simple. May theme pa rin syempre. I chose Disney babies since 'yun ang favorite nya these days. Food will be prepared and cooked at home (though we'll ask last year's caterer to cook some food for us). Cake is gonna be from Red Ribbon (we chose another picture cake ulit). Cupcakes will be homemade. Loots and give aways of course will be from Divi. Balloons will be from a party supplier nearby. Walang games and activities since mostly eh babies ang guests ni Masheng. But we're planning to put up a small play area for them. Tarp and invites were made by me of course.

Masheng's 2nd Birthday Invitation


Eto naman ang invites nya last year. These are yummy choco invites. Ako rin ang gumawa ng layout...


Masheng's 2nd Birthday Tarp

Masheng's Tarp (just like last year, I included her monthly picture after turning one... hindi ko nilagyan ng "Happy Birthday" para pwede ulit i-display nya just like the first one)


Here's Masheng's First Birthday Tarp, made by me din syempre...


Ano pa ba? Hmmm, ayun lang siguro, hehehe... Simple lang di ba? But syempre, we promise that it's gonna be a fun and a happy day pa din kay Masheng kahit simple lang ang party nya. Mababaw naman ang kaligayahan nun, sa balloons at ice creams lang, masaya na sya, hehehe... And higit sa lahat, she'll be sorrounded by people who are dear to her on her special day. We'll be inviting some online friends over pa din, hehehe, pagpasensyahan nyo lang po sana ang aming nakayanan, hihihi!

Haaay, pasensya na muna anak, that's all we can give as of now eh... Happy birthday, Papa and Mama love you so much! :)

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