Thursday, February 12, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day Baby!

DSC-1191.jpg picture by almark71498

This will be our 11th Valentine's day! Our first was one was in 1998 pa (we were in highschool then)... Hindi ko na maalala kung pano kami nag celebrate that day (JS prom ata namin yun). Basta ang alam ko, that was the very first most special and memorable Heart's day for me since that was the first time that I'd be spending it with a boyfriend, hehehe.

DSC-1240-1.jpg picture by almark71498

DSC-1249.jpg picture by almark71498

But of course, now is more special because we'll be celebrating it with our little "kulit" (it's her 2nd Vday naman!).

Pero syempre, hindi sya kasama 'pag nag date kami... para walang istorbo, hihihi.


Happy Valentine's Day to everyone! :)


Pictures were taken by Mommy Grasya. :)

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