Thursday, November 13, 2008

Masheng's New Toys (from her papa)

Since my baby's so much into pretend-play games these days, her Papa bought her a set of new toys. He got her 2 sets of "lutu - lutuan!".

They're not so expensive... He got it for just 200 something (from SM Toy Kingdom). But even though they were cheap, Masheng was soo happy with it ... Look at her big smile while playing with her new toys!

Kainis lang, I was asleep when Joms gave it to her and took this picture. Hindi man lang ako hinintay, hindi ko tuloy nakita how happy she was! Hehe, hirap din ng may sobrang hands on na asawa, inaagawan ka ng role! Hehehehe...

Well, aside from this Kitchen set, Joms also bought Masheng a new stuff toy weeks ago... Guess, what that was... syempre, it's one of Masheng's most favorite characters...

It's none other than Jabeee!

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